Lumiere is in Venezuela as a brand to bring you smart solutions for the needs of our homes. It is a brand created by Venezuelans, which will provide high-quality products, offering solutions beyond what we see in our market.

As we know, the emergency and LED night lights turned into an innovation and need for any of us. For this reason, Importadora Permar, C.A. in 2013 created the brand “LUMIERE”, which designed two high-quality products such as the LUM-033 emergency light and LUM-019 LED nigh light.

The first products of Lumiere are two models of smart lights, which main functions have the following characteristics, offering several advantages for all members at home:

LED light which offers economic and ecological advantages.

Portable, that is, it turns into a flashlight which may be used out of its base.

Rechargeable, it does not need batteries, its plug-in base charges the light.

Smart lighting system, in case of electricity interruptions, it is turned on automatically.

Motion sensor, if you wake up in the dark, it glimmers to illuminate your way and avoid accidents at home.

The second model of smart light is LED and it works as guide light during the night. This one has a smart lighting system which is activated in the darkness.

Lumiere arrived in Venezuela and is distributed by Importadora Permar which has 7 years of performance in the country.

Wait for the next innovations brought by Lumiere to the country, with them you will always have Smart Solutions.