Olimpia Splendid

Olimpia Splendid S.PA., founded in 1956, is a leading company on the air-conditioning field because of the wide range of products present on the air conditioner, heating, air treatment and hydronic system market. This corporation is in 45 countries and its head office is located in Gualtieri- Italy. Its branding identity is founded on the concept of a technologic innovation. Its products are thought to meet the needs and solve problems to simplify the user´s life. The innovation is not an objective itself, but it is oriented to cover the demands of the market, even before they were expressed.

Product and branding values   

  -          Innovation.

-          Technology.

-          Italian design.

-          Quality of product and service.

-          Ease of operation.

-          Leadership, enthusiasm and determination.

Halfway through 2010, the representatives of Importadora Permar, C.A. and Olimpia Splendid S.P.A. corporations had the first contact to start a series of communications in order to establish a commercial alliance, the negotiations were progressing fluently and at the end of the same year, they signed an agreement to commit to work and join their efforts to achieve the position of the brand in our country, thereby the Importadora Permar begin to be the representative and distributor of Olimpia Splendid S.P.A. in Venezuela. For us, it is an honor to start this new commercial relationship and to have the support of a consolidated leading company on the European market with many years of tradition and experience as well as its great values and an organizational model culture.

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